I’m your personal skills coach, looking forward to working-out those skills together.

No one became a good presenter, speaker, manager, leader, overnight. They had someone to prepare with, they had personal, focused feedback from someone who knew what skills needed to be trained and practiced, and knew how to do it.

I know what you’re going to say, ‘well, they knew that someone’. Now you do, too.

The belief

I believe our personal skills can be used more effectively in our daily lives, if only we become aware of what they are and work on that.

Courses cannot fix us, and we don’t need fixing. It’s all about practice, nothing more.

Because skills are just like muscles, they need to be regularly worked-out to show and serve us when we need them most. If we want to use a skill in extraordinary situations of our life (like a conference presentation), we need to have a routine formed in the more ordinary situations (like a meeting, a phone call or a discussion).

Sometimes we don’t even realize that the same skills we use every day in many instances can be taken to the next level to help us have more impact when we need to. If we practice the skills while being aware this is what we are doing, then when we truly need to shine, they will show, because we’ve practiced them already, been there, done that, mastered the stuff!

Training for a marathon and the long jump at the same time, for a full week, won’t result in anything much, just maybe a good (or painful?) memory.

So, what’s the benefit in training your speaking and feedback skills at the same time, for a week, and then letting it become a good (or painful) memory?