My personal skills coaching program

I designed this program after years of designing and delivering soft skills trainings and feeling frustrated with the results. I could see frustrations on all sides: the company who’d organized the training, the learners, and me, the trainer. And this happened simply because none of us got the benefits they expected out of that training. And I realized it wasn’t anyone’s fault, really, how could it be? It was a string of events that led to unfulfilled expectations:

  • The company paying for the training expected its employees to be ‘fixed’ after that training experience. Because usually trainings are organized once companies see the ‘weaknesses’ that employees need to address – to which training is the usual solution
  • The learners (participants) most of the time don’t really want to be on that training, because that means, by default, that something is wrong with them that needs fixing; and it also means that they waste valuable working time, as no one is there to do the job instead of them while they’re attending the training sessions
  • The trainer is frustrated because they put effort and passion into designing and delivering the training, without getting the feedback or the results expected.

The reason why trainings don’t work this way is because training is the beginning of the road to learning and mastery, not the end of it. We just look at it all wrong, as a one time event, that usually has nothing to do with professional or personal environments we operate in daily. And then, once the training is over, we go back to work or at home and get back to our old habits, without using much of the information learned. The most usual comment once the training is over is ‘nice, but this doesn’t apply to me’.

The result of that is all of these people got to spend time, money and energy for something that did not pay-off (not fully).

Why coaching?

Because the future of learning isn’t training, it’s focused, regular practice. Personal skills (I will never call them soft skills, because they’re not) are all about the practice of creating new habits. And this simply cannot happen overnight. It happens with regular exercises that build and develop our ‘skills muscles’. It’s like going to the gym: we train our leg muscles to be able to run. In the same way, we train our speaking muscles to be able to make our point better, and be confident that we get our message across in all instances of our life.

My personal skills coaching program is practical, applied, fun and online. It’s one click away, so it’s easy to reach at times that are convenient to you. It doesn’t take whole days out of your schedule, but rather comes to complete your day with powerful insights you will have on your own skills and the power they bring. We meet for 50-60 minutes, once a week, online. Comfortably, privately and aiming for clear results.

We work together, through specific, practical exercises and tools, to build and further develop those skills that can help you improve your relationships, impact, confidence and ultimately empower you to be who you know you can be.

Looking forward to working out those skills muscles, check out the modules I’ve designed for you, to make this program even more accessible.