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Welcome to the All Personal podcast!

Here, we turn the good old saying ‘nothing personal, just business’ upside down, and prove how, in fact, it’s all personal, nothing is just business. Because it’s how we use our personal skills everyday that makes us successful, both at home or at work.

All Personal features the stories of people like you and me, who discovered their unique set of skills that took them where they are now, and which will take them further on, in their journey.

We go to prove that learning is not an event, it’s a choice, a habit, and also focused practice. At the same time, our skills are just like muscles – the more we practice, the more we train them, as in a skills gym, the more they grow and show up when we need to use them.

Our guests share their story of discovering the strong skills muscles they have, what these muscles did for them and how they helped along their professional and personal lives; we also talk about the so called ‘dormant’ skills muscles, those that we kind of choose to ignore (because we hate them and it’s painful to use them), up to some point when we decide we’d benefit more by using them than by ignoring them!

The point? Switch focus on the skills that we use a lot or on those we can start (re)using, and show that once we become aware of them and use them regularly, they can take us places we’ve always dreamt we’d go, or maybe not even dared to dream we’d go!

Because we don’t have to be super-heroes to become aware of our powers, but becoming aware is the first step in feeling that we have super-hero powers.

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Podcasts where I was the guest, not the host

Beyond 6 Seconds – A powerful conversation about building our personal (aka ‘soft’) skills muscles, and how this is as personal as going to the gym – we all have our own set of muscles we want to work-out. 

Conversations with Women in Sales Podcast – Such a rich conversation with Barb Giamanco about our selling skills, and why and how they are just like muscles!

SecretBirdsHQ Podcast (now RareBirds) – It was a pleasure talking to Jo-Ann Hamilton about our skills muscles and how they help us manage change.