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The learner

I’m Roxana and I’m a learner, always have been. To me, learning truly is ‘movement from moment to moment’, and this only means we are free to continuously learn and unlearn just because we decide to. Learning, to me, is not training. It’s living.

So I’ve been ‘breathing’ learning consciously for about fifteen years now. Started with being an IT trainer in an international law firm, then moved to learning & development for a regional law firm and never really stopped learning since. I’ve learned how to start a department from scratch, how to design courses from scratch and deliver them, how to form a real team, what makes real teams tick and work great together, how to empower people so they feel their contribution adds value, how to adapt to changes instead of fearing them, how to create and keep real connections with people, how to be a good coach and a reasonable mentor, how to give feedback, how to learn from mistakes and how to ask for help when I needed it.

My story cut short

Born and raised in Bucharest, Romania not that long ago, and immigrated to Canada in March 2017.

Raised during communism till I was almost 13, shy and with loads of authority issues, when communism suddenly ended (it was sudden for me) I adapted to both being a teenager and being ‘free’ at the same time. No one teaches you that, you just pretty much learn on the go, right?

Went to University to study foreign languages and literature, while working as a translator for a human rights organization and teaching English private lessons to kids. That’s when I decided I liked being a teacher, but not necessarily in a school.

Finished University and started working at the international law firm I was mentioning. Learned to adapt to corporate culture in a country where that was a relatively new term.

Learned to start from scratch in a role I knew nothing about at a newly formed law firm in the midst of the international economic crisis in 2008. Kept learning & developing myself, as how could I preach that to others unless I did it myself. Learning & development was not a role or a department for me, it was the walk of my talk. So, I attended so many courses, workshops and webinars that I cannot remember them all, I just know I loved every minute of it. Inevitably, I obtained my certifications in Learning & Development and Human Resources from the UK body governing HR professional development (CIPD). Came with the territory.

‘Learning is movement from moment to moment’. So, let’s move it.

My ‘now’

In 2017, another territory came in my life: Canada. Moved here with my husband and our two kids. Started not from scratch, but all over again. Adapted to the country, the system, the people and feeling all the learning that goes with that, every day! Life 2.0 I called it, and blogged about it, too.

Got my certification as a coach practitioner and started my online venture here. Where that takes me, I can’t foresee, but how that makes me feel is just wonderful!

That’s me, in a nutshell. Nice to meet you:)!