Bespoke training and coaching sessions

All Personal offers bespoke training & coaching on personal skills – the so called ‘soft’ skills, which are not soft, but rather essential in today’s world.

The coaching I provide combines training and coaching, to provide the theory, practical exercises and coaching to help people practise what they’ve learned or the skills they need to improve.

Any training on personal skills is the beginning of the learning journey, because it aims to change or improve our habits. And this simply cannot happen overnight. Habits take practice, and practice takes time. And commitment. My purpose is to train and coach individuals and teams so they form and develop those habits they want to have in place, and which bring them the results they need on a long term.

My main focus is working out my clients’ skills related to change, communication (building, growing and maintaining healthy relationships), feedback, listening, leadership, networking, presentations, (public) speaking, team-work, team and self-management.

How I work
  1. I provide short and regular training backed with dedicated and ‘after-training’ coaching
  2. I provide specific skills coaching, coaching after a training (delivered by me or another provider), or ad-hoc and specific interventions

You can read more about my All Personal_Bespoke skills training and coaching offer. I’m happy to discuss your needs in more detail (call me at +1 647 568 1596  or  email me).

The story

One day I’ve decided: the ‘nothing personal, just business’ did not work for me.

It’s all personal, nothing is just business, be it simply because we are… persons. With our own personal experience, knowledge, beliefs, fears, all of it.

In the past fifteen years I’ve been designing, delivering and ‘breathing’ learning. And what I noticed was, well, that our skills are just like muscles: we have to train them regularly so they show and serve us when we need them. Each at a time, focused, targeted.

We’ve all been there: our boss says we have to do a presentation at a conference next week. Or at work, for our colleagues. Oh, the thrill. Remember that presentation skills course you took a year ago? Where did all the info go? What are you supposed to start with? The voice, the body language, the all-known-bulleted slides you’re supposed to design so they’re engaging?

That’s exactly it: the info went away and now what? That’s why taking a course once, on any skill you want to develop, is just the beginning of the road to mastering that skill, not the end of it. It takes practice to grow that skill muscle!

Think about it. Can you actually learn how to cook by reading recipes? Or do you have to cook regularly, different recipes, to eventually master some of them? And maybe even add your own secret ingredients.

That’s what we’ll be doing here: work-out the skills you want to grow so you master them and use them, with ease.