Online Workshop – 26 March, 4-5 pm EDT

How to use feedback as a communication tool,
especially when it’s negative








‘Let me give you some feedback’, ‘I don’t like how they tackled this, but I can’t tell them that’, ‘I’m afraid I’ll hurt their feelings if I give them negative feedback’. Situations of all sorts where we’d rather avoid telling people around us how we stand, for fear we’d hurt them, or jeopardize the relationship, or demotivate them. We tend to associate feedback with criticism and tend to avoid giving it as much as possible.

In this online workshop, we look at how we can turn feedback into a real communication tool, that we can make better use of in our daily lives, in any situation. We have a look at how we can give positive feedback that grows the others, and ourselves, even further. We go through practical tips that help us give the so dreaded negative feedback, without hurting the others’ feelings, while also keeping the relationship healthy!

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Episode 1 – GrAttitude, from research topic to skill and choice








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