All Personal on the Go

TEDx Talk, Chatham-Kent, 2017

Practical training: ‘Speak with Confidence in Professional Environments’

5 September, 5.30-8.30 pm, downtown location tbc. Click photo to register!


What clients say on LinkedIn


Mihaela Cirlan

IT Recruiter, Iasi (Romania)

‘Roxana has the ability to understand people as they are and help you focus on finding a common language that will improve you as a person, but also your relationship with others. I really appreciate the way she is embracing the courageous way of vulnerability as it helped me understand my deepest fears and use them as my most powerful weapons. With an amazing ability to empower people, Roxana has given me guidance on the path of accepting and understanding my true self, helping me become more of myself not only as a professional, but also as a human being.

So if you ever get the chance to meet Roxana do not miss the opportunity to work with her! You are refusing the chance to a better self!’


Teodora Lungu

IT Recruitment Consultant, Bucharest (Romania)

‘Roxana is the person that helped me understand what I want, what I need and what I am capable of. Asking the right questions and sometimes just listening to me, was exactly what I needed to figure out what’s the best next step I should take. Roxana has the ability to empathize with me, even if she is thousands of miles away.’


Olena Sysueva

Business Development and Marketing Manager, Kyiv (Ukraine)
‘I would like to thank Roxana for a thorough and well organized Presentation Skills online training followed by a personal coach session. Having had some similar trainings before, I can’t recall any of them having such a strong impact. Roxana has literally inspired me to find a speaking opportunity and start practicing immediately!  I will surely recommend Roxana as a coach to all my colleagues and friends. And I myself would love to attend future trainings organized or featured by you, Roxana!’

Christina Sjahli

CFO and Cash Flow Consultant, Toronto (Canada)

‘I had a personal experience training with Roxana Radulescu for my first speaking event. I can only say that she ROCKS it. I nailed my first speaking event because of her training. You need Roxana’s training. She will tell you the step by step to nail your public speaking skills.’


Abhilasha Bhatia

Full Stack Developer, Toronto (Canada)

‘I was one of the attendees at your public speaking workshop. Your talk was great. I took away many points that are actually proving to be very helpful. I am being more conscious of what I do 5 minutes before a meeting. Especially sitting correctly and taking a short walk in the room.’

Teams I worked with

I am happy to have delivered practical workshops and skills muscles workouts and coaching to the amazing teams at:

  1. Kinstellar (professional services, legal)
  2. Lee & Associates (professional services, legal)
  3. Deloitte Canada (professional services, audit & consulting)
  4. Exchange Solutions (retail technology)
  5. Social Knowhow (social media marketing)
  6. InterCity Realty (real estate)
  7. ALM Corp (digital marketing)

Articles, interviews & other stories

The Law Office Management Association (TLOMA)Article Series on Leadership, by Roxana Radulescu

Digital Business Women eMagazine, interview: Roxana Radulescu on why it’s All Personal

Training Journal (UK), article: Nodding doesn’t guarantee listening – so, what does?

Young Women in Business – Toronto Chapter, blog series: (Pod)casting our skills muscles.

Secret Birds SQ, interview: How our skill ‘muscles’ change the way we deal with ‘Change’.

You’re welcome to read my articles, and share your view on the topics, on my Blog page as well.

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