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Now we have a place where we can turn the good old saying ‘nothing personal, just business’ upside down, and prove how, in fact, it’s all personal, and nothing is just business. All Personal features the stories of people like you and me, who discovered the unique set of skills that took them where they are now and will take them further on, in their journey.

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I had a great time being a guest on Barb Giamanco’s podcast ‘Conversations with Women in Sales’, talking about how our selling skills are just like muscles.

We talked about: 🎈How I began thinking about skills being like muscles. 🎈Why I call them personal skills muscles and what that means to you. 🎈How these skills muscles play a part in sales situations. 🎈The top three skills muscles you use in sales discussions.

Check Barb’s Podcast page to listen to our rich conversation.

“Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.” (Bill Nye)

All Personal works with Casa Tianu Mediation, Corporate Training Experts, Noosfera and Young Women in Business to provide the full support and development package: mediation, training, coaching, mentoring and inspiration.

Starting 2018, I’ve partnered with amazing professionals who are on a daily quest to improving people’s lives, either by building and sharing knowledge, raising self-awareness, or developing better relationships. Together, we support individuals and organizations thrive in challenging, exciting times, either by offering training, coaching, mentoring or mediation.

Read more about it on the About / Partnerships page.

Who and 'when' are my clients?

TEDx Talk, Chatham-Kent, 2017


My best piece so far:), published in the Training Journal (UK): Nodding doesn’t gurantee listening – so, what does?

I’ve recently partnered with Young Women in Business – Toronto Chapter, for their blog series. Here is the first article (Pod)casting our skills muscles.

And here is the article I wrote for Secret Birds SQ, a community for women entrepreneurs, where I talk about my entrepreneurship journey, skills, change and trust: How our skill ‘muscles’ change the way we deal with ‘Change’.

You’re welcome to read my articles, and share your view on the topics, on my Blog page as well.

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